I have a big personality and an even bigger dog.

I'm good at putting together creative teams to work with, and I function best where color and shape is worth thinking about, and where the coffee and the atmosphere is good.

I like to write. I write reviews, blog posts, stories for adult children, poems and love letters. Once I wrote a book.

I really like to paint. I paint naked ladies in acrylic, and illustrate fashion and food with ink and watercolor.

I am full of good ideas; art school and a childhood with the Moomin books will do that to you;

If the dress is too big  you put a belt around the waist, and if the dog pees on the carpet you cut off the piece.

And if you have a job to do, you do it with creativity!


 Crazyness effected :

Worked as a project manager at Marketplace Borås, with responsibility for Fashion Gallery. Established contacts, put together fashion shows, created events and built a store full of unique fashion.

Created the fashion exhibition "My future wardrobe" at Rydal Museum, in 2013.

Worked as a costume designer in the short film "I am Reva" by Naures Sager, premiere in 2014.

Works as a freelance stylist and model with publications in Mods Magazine, The Fashion Affair, Swedish Elle, The Forumist,

Mirror online and several hairdressers newspapers from all over the world ..

Put together a "fashion-demonstration" in collaboration with Fresh Fish and Fantasin till makten, in 2014

I studied art, ceramics and journalism. And I'm not afriad to use it!


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